Progress update

Wow…it looks pretty dusty around here. Unfortunately, it’s been well over a year since my last update or meaningful work on the site. On the positive side, I have a very messy and poorly maintained Notion entry keeping track of ideas and grand plans for all of the things I want to build and write about!

While it’s all well and good to keep track of ideas, I had planned on actually building this in a way that allowed people to actually see the progress. With that in mind, I’ve added a Roadmap page to the site. If you want to know what’s been added lately or what’s coming soon, this is the place to check.

And, of course, I’ll get back to actually posting updates and maybe even a few posts that verge on being quality content. Life (and perfectionism) often get in the way of clicking the publish button, but I’ll try to remember Chris Coyier’s excellent advice going forward.

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