Hello world…again

2020 was tough. Monumentally tough. So tough that I still wonder if it ever actually ended. So, here’s the thing: the standard WordPress “Hello World!” post just isn’t going to cut it for an intro here.

Dealing with all that’s been going in the world for the past year or so has led me down a path filled with revelations, but one in particular explains why I’m starting this site: I’m a web developer, but I’m not having as much fun creating things as I used to. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but there’s one I keep coming back to: I started comparing myself to everyone else and, as a result, I stopped creating.

When I first learned how to publish content on the web, it was via my old Xanga site. I had endless hours of fun on Xanga, writing posts filled with teenage angst and opinions, interacting with friends, and changing my layout constantly.

The content was…well, let’s just say that it wasn’t going to win me any awards. Despite that, I posted with shocking regularity. I had something to say, and I said it. While I’m glad to be older and much wiser than I was as a teenager, I miss the simplicity and fun of those days. Despite becoming a better writer and (hopefully) a better person, despite learning so much about how to create and publish content effectively, my creative output has dwindled to nothing.

The last time I thought about setting up a blog, I spent more time planning it than actually doing anything. I spent hours working on the branding and design, and an embarrassing amount of time trying to pick a platform that showed I was on the cutting edge of web development. After all, that would look better on my résumé, right?

There was one little problem: I had no content. Even worse, I wasn’t sure that I had anything to say. Others were already writing about web development and tech, and even my hobbies were being covered extensively. Why would anyone want to read my posts when there’s an endless stream of great content out there? Even if did have something to say, was I wrong? Could I word it in a way that sounded intelligent?

Would anyone even care?

2020 was tough. Monumentally tough. So tough that it made me realize that I still have a voice, and I still have something to say, even if no one reads it.

This site is starting off as a WordPress install and is using the default template. I’d like to upgrade that. I’d like to write content that people want to read. I’d like to build something great.

But more importantly, I want to find my voice again. That starts by setting aside all the anxiety and self-doubt and just hitting the publish button.

Hello World! It’s good to be back.

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